You may be dreading the colder months but fear not, the right styling can change the whole atmosphere of your home and get you through the cool change.

These winter styling tips will transform your home into a warm and cosy space that might just save you some dollars off your energy bill too.


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The best way to make your home as environmentally-friendly as can be is by layering.

In the bedroom, switch out your breathable summer linen for something more suited to the cold. Comfy knitted cushions and blankets are perfect to snuggle into on cold nights, so you don’t need to have the heater on full blast.

And while it’s not a new trick, faux fur is a great go-to if you want to introduce a sense of warmth to your home. Place a throw at the end of your bed, put a couple of furry cushions on your couch or a soft rug at your feet. Muted colours like grey, brown, cream, and mauve give the impression of a cosy space.


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…just not your overhead lights. Bring back some of the light we lose when daylight savings ends with battery-operated fairy or globe lights. Frame them around mirrors, hang them on walls, feed them into old wine bottles or wrap them around branches for a DIY décor update. When you switch off your main lights, the room will have a soft, twinkly glow – perfect for watching movies on a cold night.


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If you’ve got a lot of tiled or hardwood floorspace, rugs are another energy efficient solution. Because of the packed nature of the fibres in a rug, they act as insulators – so don’t be afraid to layer rugs of different colours and textures for cheat’s heated floor feel. Go for textured or patterned ones to add a fresh update to your lounge, bedroom, and even kitchen.


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