So you’ve decided to buy your first home…

Now what? Be mindful of the following tips as you embark on what can be a confusing (and costly!) journey.

  1. Shop around: compare interest rates for your home loan, carry out some online research into the market and attend open houses. Going in prepared will help you when it comes to purchasing your first home.
  2. Don’t take chances with your credit: Organisation is key. Check your credit rating, create detailed written budgets, polish up your employment history and get your credit cards into shape.
  3. Breakdown your upfront costs: Know the rules and regulations about buying a home – lenders mortgage insurance, stamp duty, moving and legal costs all add up and you don’t need any surprises

At Achieve Homes, we’re all about transparency. Take a look at our website where you can explore the breakdown of home building and buying costs. That’s right, no hidden costs, just real homes for real people.

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