Incorporating permanent colour fixtures into a new home can be expensive and risky.

Colours that are on trend at the start of your build may already be out of fashion even by the time your home is complete. Having neutral tones throughout your house is a much safer option and provides a perfect base to add colour to.

Colour and texture can be added throughout your home in countless ways and can cost next to nothing. We’ve outlined some effective and safe ways to add colour and texture into your home.

The Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you spend most of your time, so it can be easy to get bored of your chosen colour scheme quite quickly. Throw rugs and pillows can effortlessly bring in colour and a simple painting give the room a whole new feel. These items are also easy to replace when you want to change the aesthetic of your space!

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The Dining Room

The dining room is one of the safest places to add colour and texture. A bunch of flowers, a table centrepiece or some colourful vases can brighten up the space and be easily changed to suit your mood. A simple rug and a few wall hangings can also add the splash of colour you desire.

Image via Hannah Blackmore

The Kitchen

A tiled splash back is an easy way to add colour to a kitchen but it’s not always safe. When choosing a colour, avoid extreme tones, such as bright green, and opt for more subtle, elegant colours like the emerald green tiles pictured. Just remember choose neutral tones for the rest of the kitchen as too much colour can be overwhelming. Instead, introduce colour with bench top accessories (think toasters, kettles, and crockery) or flowers.

Image via Domino

Image via Hannah Blackmore

The Bathroom

Bathrooms can be one of the most expensive rooms in your house to renovate. Avoid costly future renovations by sticking with safe, neutral colours in your tile selections. Although, you might like to introduce subtle tones such as copper, black or even gold in your shower hearts and tap fittings. The best way to add pops of colour in a bathroom is through your choice of linen. Towels and bathmats come in hundreds of different colours and textures and can be easily, and cost effectively updated.

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The Lounge Room

The lounge room presents endless opportunities to introduce colour into your home, mostly because it is usually just an empty space. Make your lounge room warm and inviting by adding a woven blanket, a rug and some coloured pillows. You can also hang up some artwork, or create a feature wall with a coat of paint in your favourite colour.

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