When buying a home in a big city like Canberra it can seem like you have two choices; buy a new home in a new suburb or an old house in an old suburb. Well, why not consider building a new home in an older suburb and get the best of both worlds? While new suburbs have their appeal because everything will be bright and shiny, the benefits of building in an older, established suburb are impressive.

They’re spacious
Taking a drive through the older streets in Canberra you’ll normally notice that the roads are wider, the blocks are bigger and park and nature reserves are plentiful. While new suburbs in Canberra are planned to fit as many houses on a street as possible, the older suburbs were carefully planned out to ensure plenty of space for all residents, passing cyclists and cars.

Image by Conan Liu for ABC News.

They’re peaceful
Established suburbs tend to come with older residents. Most people who bought into older suburbs bought purchased long ago, and will live in them for a long time to come. This means you’re less likely to have neighbours throwing wild parties. The median age of Watson residents for example is 33 years old, several years older than the median in newer suburbs like Gungahlin.

They’re leafy and green
Most importantly, an old suburb comes hand in hand with greenery which takes years to develop. This is one benefit that most residents of established suburbs value the most. There’s just something beautiful about driving around suburbs during throughout the changing of seasons and seeing the streets lined with the beautiful leaves from oversized oak trees and pink cherry blossoms in Spring.

Image via Canberra Times. 

They’re closer to the city
In most cities, the newer the suburb, the further away from the city it is. Living in an established area means you’ll be conveniently close to the city which is going to make the commute to work that much easier without having to sit in traffic along Canberra’s busy main roads. It also means that you can quickly duck down to the Canberra Centre and not have to plan your whole day around it, you can even get there on a direct bus in under 20 minutes from Watson shops.

They have renowned schools
Canberra’s most prestigious schools are in the established suburbs of the inner south and inner north. The inner north alone has 2 universities, 8 secondary schools and an abundance of primary schools within a few suburb radius of Watson.

Image via ACU Watson Campus.

If these benefits don’t make you want to live in an established suburb, we don’t know what will! If you want to live in an established suburb without living through the nightmares of endless renovations, constant updates of moldy bathrooms and laundries, replacing floors and kitchens while installing air conditioning and heating; a house and land package at Mt Majura Estate in Watson is the perfect answer. The comfort of modern living with the ambience of beautiful Canberran suburbia.

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