We are thanking apps like Instagram and Pinterest and reality TV such as The Block and Grand Designs for homeowners spending more time than ever to keep interiors on trend. With trends changing more and more frequently, it can become expensive to keep up to date.

These affordable interpretations of the latest home design trends will help your interior stay current, without breaking the bank.


Image by Jody D’Arcy for Featherhorse

A huge trend emerging at design expos all over the world is the revival of velvet. Furniture designers are embracing this trend with some beautiful velvet furniture in hues of deep green, blues, and reds – although usually with an exy price tag. In order to part ways with big dollars on furnishings, you would want to ensure they’ll stay on trend for years, which usually isn’t the case.

To incorporate this trend into your home we recommend sticking with small accent pieces such as cushions, rugs, or occasionals.

The Helene Velvet Accent Chair from Brosa comes in 30 different combinations of colours and will only set you back $309.

The Breakfast Velvet Cushion from Kmart is just $8 and will add a touch of sophistication to your living room.


Image via Domain

Similarly to velvet, a trend from decades gone by is coming back — terracotta! Earthy tones are calming and warming so it’s no surprise that with all the stress of 21st century living that terracotta (literally translated to ‘baked earth’) has gone full circle and made its way back into the world of interior design magazines. Most of these magazines target people with big budgets and disposable incomes, who have the ability to re-tile their bathrooms and living rooms with terracotta tiles. But we know that’s not practical for the average Canberran! Instead, play it safe with terracotta highlights such as pots, tableware, and decorative pieces.

Terracotta pots are available for next to nothing and quickly add a feeling of warmth to any space.

Tamara Armstrong for Houzz.

Prints like this add a splash of terracotta to a space without needing to paint or tile the whole wall. This one’s available from Zanui for $44.95


Image via Catherine & Jason Barry

If it’s good enough for champagne, it’s good enough for your home. Cork is versatile and sustainable and is great at absorbing sound, and repelling dirt and water. Covering an entire wall in cork has its benefits but the trend is guaranteed to go out of style sooner rather than later.

The versatility of cork means it’s available in just about everything from lampshades to dining tables and teapots, making it easy to style your home with cork anyway you like.


The Sinnerlig Stool in natural cork from is just IKEA $99.

The dialogue of cork and glass creates a stunning look. The Raika Pendant from Beacon Lighting will add a touch of elegance for $109


The easiest, and usually cheapest way to update a space is with a splash of paint. The possibilities of paint are limitless, in terms of colours, patterns, and the ability to change it as frequently as you like. Interior designers have revealed that the most stylish colours this year are earthy colours like your terracottas, subtle dusty pastels and deep rich plums. Here are some of our picks from the latest Dulux range.

Keep your interior up to date without breaking the bank with these affordable takes on the latest interior design trends. The money you save will give you freedom to spend on pieces of furniture that are going to stand the test of time.

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