The idea of a sustainable life can sometimes seem overwhelming.

Am I having a negative impact on the environment? How do I keep my veggie patch alive? But it doesn’t have to be all that hard, if you just switch out some old habits for a few new tricks.

At Achieve Homes, we aim to build homes that meet an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of at least 6. For example, homes in our Sakura @ Watson development run entirely on electricity rather than gas, making the development both environmentally friendly and safer for families.

Check out these additional ways you can increase energy efficiency in your home.

Turn waste into compost

Composting is simple. Find something to use as a compost bin, put your organic material waste in it, and boom! You’re a sustainability triple threat. Not only does composting allow you to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly way, it can also be used as soil in your garden, and help grow your own fruit and veggies as a result.


Compost in backyard


Ditch the one-time-buys

Replace plastic water bottles with reusable ones, buy a keep-cup to take to your local coffee shop, invest in reusable grocery bags, and buy long-wear containers rather than single-use takeaway ones. Spend an hour or two looking at the items you use in your day-to-day life, and you’ll be surprised how many things can be switched out for a more sustainable solution.


Group of spice jars


Switch off the regular bulbs and switch on the led lighting

LED lights are much more energy efficient than regular bulbs, but that’s not the only plus side of switching to LED lighting. Not only do they reduce Carbon Footprints, but they also last much longer, which means you are spending less money on buying bulb replacements.


Pair of hands holding energy saving light bulbs


Clean up in the shower

Timing your showers and sticking to a limit is a great way to minimise water wastage. To really make an impact, switch to a water-saving showerhead. You’d be surprised how much water you can save!


Water saving shower head


Go natural

Hang your clothes outside instead of using a dryer. Open the blinds during the day to reduce the number of lights turned on. Create a veggie patch to grow your own produce. There are plenty of tips and tricks to reduce the use of power in your home, just look for an alternative!


Clothes line


It doesn’t matter if you adopt all of these tips, or only one, every change makes a difference and can help improve energy efficiency.

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