In need of new garden but don’t know where to start?

Much like building a house or designing your home interior, choosing a style for your garden is one of the most important aspects of garden design.

You need to think about how you’re going to use the space – will you make use of the front garden, the backyard or both? Are you an entertainer or do you like to relax in leafy surrounds? Modern houses like those that Achieve Homes build are highly suited to structured, uncluttered gardens with symmetrical pathways, shaped hedges and shrubs.

Whatever your preference for your new outdoor living space, before your start turning dirt and buying plants, pots and pavers, consider these top garden design tips:

  • Decide on type of garden you’d like – how will you use the space e.g. entertainment, play or serious gardening, as well as the look and feel.
  • Create a plan – draw up a plan for your garden. Including pathways, garden beds and seating areas. Consider garden lighting and feature or break out areas.
  • Be realistic about garden maintenance – if it is not a priority, ensure you go with a minimalist design and plants that require very little upkeep.
  • Determine types of plants/shrubs/trees you’d like to achieve your garden design. Choose plants to suit your garden’s style, and are tolerant of the climate.
  • Canberra is considered to be a difficult place to garden, with hot summer days and sub zero winters producing bone chilling and leaf killing frosts. It doesn’t have to be hard – it is important to understand what type of plants are suited to Canberra’s climate and your own backyard.

Generally, plants with small densely packed foliage and leathery or rough foliage, along with a variety of Australian natives are highly suitable for Canberra’s climate. If you’re looking to jazz up a balcony or alfresco dining area, succulents are the perfect addition. They are also a great survivor plant and thrive when left alone. Herbs pots are a modern take on traditional pot plants and can be used to create a delicious home cooked meal too!

Completing your new garden space is a rewarding experience. Regardless of how big or small the space is, you can transform what was a lot of land, into a functional outdoor living and playing area that can be enjoyed by your family for years to come.

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