We’re not talking about any old package.

This package, a house and land package, is the investment that you’ve been saving long and hard for. You’ll make unforgettable memories in it, your kids will call it home, there’ll be family experiences around the dinner table and fun times had in the backyard.

Selecting a house and land package to suit your lifestyle needs is the first step in the home building journey. At Achieve Homes, our experience has taught us that there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ and as a result we have created 7 house and land packages, ranging from 3 bedroom homes through to two storey, extra-large homes to make sure we can suit your lifestyle needs.

Here some pointers to ensure you’re on the right path to selecting the perfect house and land package for your family:

  • Is the estate or community right for you? Consider your lifestyle and values – do you want to be close to the city, do you need access to local shops and schools, public facilities like parks and walking tracks?
  • The lot: It’s all in the positioning. Is the backyard facing to the morning or afternoon sun? Is it in close proximity to shops or local school? Is there a backyard big enough for your growing family?
  • The house: What does your family look like? Are you a couple or a growing family; how many bedrooms do you need; perhaps you need study space? Think about your lifestyle needs now and in the near future.

At Achieve Homes we build real homes for real people and we can help you make informed decisions to ensure you create your dream home.

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