So, you’re in the process of building your dream home and are starting to think about colour schemes.

Should you go bold and bright? Pattern-crazy? Or all out stark white minimalistic? Choosing a colour palette can be daunting, least of all because you are deciding how your home is going to look for the foreseeable future.

While trends come and go, there are some ways to ensure the colour of your bathroom feels fresh, relaxing and inviting over the years.

Keep it simple

A simple colour palette is timeless. Patterning tiles adds a subtle design feature without the need for in-your-face colour and lets you have fun with stylish exposed shower plumbing. 

Open-concept designs work particularly well with this trend, as the light and space work together to make a generous space feel even bigger.

Image credit: Houzz

Keep it neutral

Think beyond beige: woody browns, mushroom greys, fern greens, misty blues, and off-whites are the new neutrals.

Earthy tones bring the outdoors in, without the need for copious amounts of attention-hungry plants. They have the added benefit of a calming influence, so whether you’re starting your day or ending it, a neutral colour palette promotes a more serene environment.

Close-up of white bathroom vanity with concrete splashback and timber cabinetry

Image credit: Pinterest

Make a statement  

On the other end of the neutral trend is bold black. Incorporating contemporary darker hues into your bathroom design creates a high-end feel, without the need for splashing your cash.

And rather than making a room feel smaller, a darker colour like matte black, forest green or navy adds depth and contrasts the brightness of white finishes.

Bathroom design featuring charcoal half walls with stark white tiling and a free standing tub

Image credit: Pinterest

Achieve Homes can help

When you build your home with us, you get to choose all the colours, fixtures, and finishes right down to the very last tile at our Selections Studio. You’ll be able to see how different textures, colours, and finishes look together, ensuring your home’s colour palette is just right for you – even ten years down the line.

We specialise in customisation, which is why you can trust us to create your dream home. Find out more information here:

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