Many wannabe homeowners like the idea of building their dream home. 

However, while many would like to start from zero and work their way up; rather than buy land separately and then hire a builder, it makes sense to choose a house and land package. 

Buying a house and land package in Canberra offers numerous benefits for people who want to live in certain types of communities. 

What Is A House And Land Package?

When people think about house and land packages, the first thing that comes to mind is display homes. 

However, while display houses are versions of the houses in a subdivision, house and land packages come with customised plans. 

That means that in addition to purchasing the land, you get a range of custom home plans to pick from. Therefore, a house and land package does not mean to say that the home design cannot be customised. 

On the contrary, you have a variety of home designs at your disposal to choose one that best suits your tastes and needs. 

Is It Possible To Find House And Land Package In Canberra?

As the residential construction industry continues to thrive throughout Australia, home designers and builders are becoming busier. 

In the suburbs across major cities such as Canberra and Melbourne, it’s possible to wait for months before you can get a reputable builder to commence the construction of your dream home. 

However, it’s a little easier and faster when you choose a house and land package. 

So, yes, it’s effortless to find house and land packages in Canberra compared to purchasing land and hiring a builder separately. 

How Much Does House And Land Packages Cost?

Are house and land packages expensive in Canberra? The average cost of a house and land package will vary depending on the new community as well as the price of the land. 

The facilities and infrastructures of the community will have a significant impact on the cost. Also, it’s essential to consider the design plans you choose. 

Packages that are in the midst of the city are most likely to be more expensive than packages located in the suburbs. 

Also, when you consider the value for money, a house and land package in Canberra offers the best value for your money.  

Consider The Benefits Of House And Land Packages In Canberra

In contemplating whether to go with a house and land package or separate the two, there are many benefits of choosing a house and land package in Canberra. They include:

  • Get A Modern Custom Home: Most land and house packages offer the added benefit of custom designs that facilitate the construction of energy-efficient modern homes. 

Existing house plans are intended to suit specific needs. 

  • Single Contract: When you choose a land and home package, you make things easier for yourself since there’s only one contract. 

You can rest easy knowing that experts have picked the area and the house plans suit the land and the community. 

  • Save Money & Time: New houses do not attract stamp duty. 

Therefore you can look forward to saving a significant amount of money by choosing a house and land package. 

Also, when you purchase a land and house package, the land and building plans are already available, which means that construction can start whenever you’re ready.

There are many house and land packages to choose from in Canberra. You can pick a land and house package that suits your needs. 

There are so many advantages of buying a house and land package, especially in the current economy. 

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