Firas is the man in charge, so you’ll find him overseeing all projects, and constantly working to improve every aspect of the development process. Firas has a passion for travel and culture, and is constantly striving to develop strong relationships and understandings with all his clients to ensure they receive their dream home. He strongly believes that everyone deserves a place to live so they can feel safe and secure, which has led to a passion for helping the homeless and refugees.  If he wasn’t doing this, you’d find him running an island resort, hanging with his family, and flexing his cooking skills (rumour has it Firas is a master of the BBQ).


Business & Systems Manager

Yasmeen is our Business and Systems Manager, which means she is the go-to girl for all things technical. We’re talking systems, software, staff training and processes… anything that helps make sure our team gets the job done as efficiently as possible. Yasmeen has lived in Melbourne her whole life, but her favourite thing about living in Canberra is its smaller size and how friendly the people are. When she’s not at work, you can find her dining at new restaurants or scoping out the next travel destination.


Sales Manager

Jad is our Sales Manager, which means he is the guy to walk you through everything including home designs, house & land packages, developments, knock down-rebuilds, choosing the right block, contracts and finances. When it comes to meeting our clients’ needs, nothing gets past Jad. He loves being involved in every step of the development process and will always go the extra mile to ensure the job is done. Jad is a huge fan of Canberra, and passionately agrees that it really is the best city in the world.



Home Consultant

Our Home Consultant, James, is here to assist with everything from Custom Home Design, House & Land Packages, Knock-Down Rebuild, and more. James is all about providing a friendly, transparent, reliable and professional experience for his clientele. His goal is to help families and individuals achieve their dreams of owning a new home or investment property. Outside of work James is a dedicated family man, who also has a passion for travel, golf and music.


Operations Manager

Diana is your go-to for all your pre and during construction needs. As the Operations Manager, she processes all enquiries, working with each customer to ensure every need is reached. She has a keen interest in interior design, cooking and travelling, and agrees that Canberra is the perfect city for growing families. Her favourite part of her job is being a part of a customer’s journey into their new home. 


Project Manager

When he’s not training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, bouldering or mountain biking, you can find Lucas project managing our team. Lucas oversees all aspects of the homes we build, this includes working with our customers, contractors and staff to ensure all homes are built on time, on budget and built to the highest level of finishes A proud father to his son, Lucas enjoys exploring the recreational areas and nature reserves around Canberra with him, and embracing the distinct season changes we experience in the nation’s capital. What’s on the top of his bucket list? Building his own high-efficiency home or going to Brazil to train Jiu Jitsu.


Project Manager

David’s favourite thing about his role at Achieve is the satisfaction of completing a project within time and budget… and if that doesn’t make him a great Project Manager, we don’t know what does! David spends his work days liaising with consultants, contractors, stakeholders, authorities and clients, and it’s his persistence, adaptability and passion that helps him deliver each project to the customer’s satisfaction. When he’s not at work, David can be found in the gym or reading a book, or pursuing his passion and enhancing his skills in project management.


Business Admin

Ziad is the man you need to organise all invoicing and progress payment schedules for your home. He may be busy, but Ziad thrives off the great team around him and nothing can get past him with his impressive attention to detail. When asked to describe himself, Ziad keeps it simple: he’s busy, loves to travel, and would eradicate world hunger if he could.



Accounts and Invoicing / Office Admin

You can find Lina in finance, and for good reason: she’s the resident whizz when it comes to numbers. Lina thrives on efficiency and will always get the job done the quickest. Combine her passion for numbers, her dream of designing her own home, and her gratitude for Canberra’s lack of traffic, there is nowhere else Lina would rather be than where she is right now. 



Construction Supervisor

Andrew may be easy going, but that doesn’t mean he’s not hardworking. Andrew is a Construction Supervisor, so in a typical day you can find him on site, organising trades and materials, and liaising with clients. Andrew is a thrill seeker. When he’s not at work, you can find him at motorsports events – he will even be driving in the Mazda RX8 Cup! And what’s on the top of his bucket list? Skydiving in Dubai, no less.


Construction Supervisor

Kane is one of our Construction Supervisor, so you can find him with the team getting hands-on with our projects. Kane is a people person through and through – his favourite part of his job is interacting with clients, and if he wasn’t doing this he’d be a teacher or a coach. Throughout the day, you’ll find Kane chatting with clients or liaising with suppliers to deliver the highest quality products. Outside of work? He’ll be out on a run or experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen. 


Construction Supervisor

Mark’s favourite thing about being an Achieve Homes Construction Supervisor is the diversity of people he gets to work with, and the changing environment. Not one to be confined to an office, Mark loves Canberra because of its closeness to the Snowy Mountains and the coast, where you can find him relaxing with his partner and daughter. Mark has plenty of experience in home development and is a pro at using his communications skills to liaise with clients and organise trades and materials.


Construction Supervisor

An Englishman who used to own a business in Spain, Toni is a man well-travelled – but that doesn’t make him love Canberra any less. The breathtaking scenery and proximity to both beach and snow are a few of his favourite things about living here… and, of course, his job on Achieve building sites. When asked what he loves most about his job, Toni would say it is taking a concept or an idea on a piece of paper and turning it into reality. Whether it’s catching up with clients to set goals for the week, meeting with staff and subcontractors on site, or making sure all stock and materials are prepared, Toni takes pride in every step of the building process.


Construction Supervisor

With 28 years’ experience in the construction industry, there is no better person for the role of Construction Supervisor than Adam. Adam is a qualified carpenter and a born-and-bred Canberra man. Now, as part of the Achieve Homes team, Adam loves helping other fellow Canberrans build their dream homes. When he’s not busy working on site and liaising with trades, you can find Adam cooking up a storm in the kitchen or spending time working on his garden.


Construction Supervisor

Construction Supervisor and adrenaline junkie, Bernard, is active, easy going and organised in all areas of life. He’s always on-the-go when he’s at work, managing trades and liaising with clients, and is equally as active in his spare time. When he’s not at work helping customer’s build their dream home, you can find him filling his days with AFL, golf, mountain biking and snowboarding... Oh, and a bit of salsa dancing too!

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