We get it. Building a home, or buying a house and land package, is one of the biggest life decisions. It’s huge.

Whatever you decide is something you will no doubt live with for a decent amount of time. So we want to help you get it right.

Achieve Homes are trusted home builders and here to help you along every step of the way.

You’ve no doubt got plenty of questions, so here’s a brief round up of our most Frequently Asked Questions to help get you started.

Is it a fixed price contract? Is there any chance for the price to change?

Yes, it is a fixed price contract. The only chance for the price to change is if we hit rock when we are digging or H class soil.

Do I only pay stamp duty on the land?

Yes, all of your packages are offered as split contracts which means stamp duty is only payable on the land component of the price. Some circumstances may alter this please be sure to discuss you home consultant.

How does the payment schedule work?

  1. Initial preliminary agreement. At this point you put down $3000 non-refundable part payment on the building contract. We then finalise the floor plan, building contract etc. The building contract and land contract will be sent out to your solicitor they are to be treated as separate contracts and are to be signed simultaneously.
  2. Exchange of contract (14 – 21 days from step 1 above)
    This is the point where we concrete the transactions and generally 10% of the land contract and the balance too $10,000 on the building contract are put down.
  3. Settlement of the Land contract
    Now the land is paid out in full and you become the owner of the land.
  4. Construction
    Once the land is within the ownership of the buyer the builder will begin construction. The contract will have around 7 milestone / progress payments set in place. Once the construction is complete and the final payment made then we can settle the contract and the transaction is complete.

Will I get to choose my carpets, tiles etc?

Yes, we have our own Colour Selections Studio where you will be able to select, choose and personalise your internal and external colours of: carpets, floor tiles, stone bench top, kitchen laminate, paint, roof tiles, bricks, fascia and gutter/garage door and windows/sliding doors.



Can we custom design our own floor plan?

Achieve Homes offer a great custom floor plan service with an excellent draftsman that will listen to your ideas and design something that will work on your land, fit with your budget and suit your families needs and lifestyle, there are no extra charges for custom designing your own floor plan.

How long will it take to build my house?

In the fixed price building contract we will commit to 180 working days for the single storey homes and 240 days for the 2 storey homes maximum. If we exceed these times we will pay you $1,000 per week as a penalty for late completion.

What is not included in my package (exclusions)?

At Achieve Homes items that are not included in our packages are, Landscape (front & back), Window coverings (Curtains & blinds) and Retaining walls. Please check standard inclusions per design for further details.

Will I be able to determine the location within the house of the power point and data points etc?

Yes, you are welcome to move the location of the points and add additional points to the electrical plan.

Can we make changes to the floor plan?

Yes, we are happy to modify and adjust the floor plan to suit your needs. There is no charge for the process of amending the floor plan.

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